A New Part of Minnehaha Park

Minnehaha Park is a very large park in Minneapolis. We usually explore the section from the falls down the Minnehaha Creek to the Mississippi River. This time we parked in the north parking lot and explored the northwest side. The change was great. We discovered a Frisbee golf course and a path down to the lock and dam nearby.

On the way down we had great shots of the Ford Parkway Bridge.  The Ford Parkway Bridge is much bigger than it seems when you drive over it.

We reached the farthest we could go on the lock entry and turned back up taking more photos as we went. When we were back to the top of the path we took more pictures of buildings, the river and our surroundings. Around one corner of the buildings was a small flock of wild turkeys pecking and scratching the grounds. They were so big. They took us by surprise.

We quietly left the area to let the turkeys be, and made our way back to the car. There were so many squirrels out getting ready for winter. There was a third breeding period this year, so more squirrels were out this year than normal.

We passed by the falls on the way back and saw a huge flock of Mallard ducks. They were upstream near the Hiawatha and Minnehaha statue. It was growing dark quickly so we struggled with photos at this point. The ducks entertained several young children nearby.

It was then a short drive to Ted Cook’s 19th Hole BBQ for dinner. Such good food. Really good pulled pork. The coffee shop a few blocks away where the old Tilly’s Bean is at makes a lovely warm apple cider with cinnamon and caramel which tasted like apple pie. It was so good. When we arrived home with our take out/ take away dinner we watched Paper Moon. A gentle way to end the day.

Bye for now.

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