Sheridan Memorial Park


As unique as Zoran’s was, it was good to have the contrast of a city park and veteran’s memorial across the street. I will admit that I enjoyed Sheridan Memorial Park more. The park planners and artist’s collaborated well in the planning for both the memorial and park.¬† Joggers and bike riders on the river path beside the memorial did not detract from the sense of stillness I felt while visiting.

I’m glad we visited just before the snowy winter we’re now experiencing. The small park was very friendly with a lookout spot and a few trees along the river bank. North of the memorial was a unique playground with a sculpture like rock climbing egg, a stone circle, creative uses of old timber like logs for playground equipment. It was enjoyed by the kiddos and other families while we were present. I believe that Kid Willow enjoyed the basic slide the most.

While the kiddos played, I enjoyed watching a grey squirrel getting ready for winter. It was nice to take in the scenery along the river that was still flowing. This is another place I would like to see again in spring when the flowers are in bloom.

Bye for now.