Finally Visiting Hidden Falls

The rest of the Willow family has been to Hidden Falls several times. Oddly enough I had never seen the actual falls part of Hidden Falls even though we as a family have visited and enjoyed Hidden Falls Regional Park before.

We had visitors earlier last month and thought a small walk would be good. We decided to see the falls. What we encountered was a reminder that we had had a heavy snow and strong winds prior to this trip. Many trees had fallen in the days prior. The snow and ice still on the path made this short walk more of an adventure.

When we arrived to the falls it was pleasant. Although they are not a big display like other waterfalls we’ve seen in the past, the environment as a whole was nice as I felt truly in the midst of nature despite how close to the roads we were. I hope to visit this summer (bug spray administered) to see how it looks in other seasons.

On our way back towards the parking lot we took the time to observe the eagle nest at the top of one of the very tall trees along the river. It is very important to stay clear of these nests by a long distance. It did appear that they were guarding their nests which can be over 2000 pounds and the size of a small European hatchback car.

Bye for now.

As a side note: I did not visit the revamped park area and multipurpose living zone on this trip, I did a few days later with a friend when much of the snow melted. We did climb the rock stairs and it was a wise move for our visitors to not attempt to climb on that day as it is a few stories high. I was told that the restoration of the top of the falls really changed the look of the falls. In my research, I agree that it was far more natural before, but I feel in a a decade or so many of the new stones will weather well. This city park area north of the falls only recently opened and used to be a Ford Manufacturing plant that made Ford Ranger Pickup Trucks. This is a long time coming as the lot had been vacant for around a decade. The park even have areas for small fossil hunting and hammock stands that look like a public sculpture. If you want a last minute picnic the Lunds & Byerlys is right there. It should be no surprise that the parks are just south of Ford Parkway in St. Paul.

Afternoon in Woodbury

We had a rare time this year when we were all without colds or any other illness this late winter/ early spring. Fresh air was on our minds and a desire to go somewhere new. While we did visit other places, the stand out of the afternoon was Ojibway Park in Woodbury. It ticked all the boxes: playground, walking path (paved), picnic table for a quick snack, and still simple enough to not overwhelm the kiddos. Let’s be honest they really only care for the playgrounds.

While on the trail which had wet areas due to the snow that was finally beginning to melt the kiddos showed their different sides one walked right through and the other tried to avoid getting wet. Side note: this year was something along the lines of the 7th longest period of time with at least 1″/2.5cm measurable snow at regulated locations. It has been a long winter even for seasoned Minnesotans. The trail which was fairly quiet that day, I am sure is busy with locals riding their bikes, playing on the soccer fields, enjoying the small lake now that green grass has begun to grow.

It was nice to see the various trees along the path. The small stream was a nice break from the simple snow-covered woodlands and open fields. Unfortunately the kiddos were true to their volume so we didn’t see as many animals on this small walk.

When we finally ended at the playground, the kiddos joined the others in climbing, sliding etc in the snow covered equipment. They had a blast and suddenly all that bothered them seemed to disappear. Even I enjoyed the swings while they played.

This was a nice afternoon excursion. I bet it is a lovely place now with the snow melted and grass growing.

By for now.