Farmers Market and Window Shopping

One thing C and I really appreciate are Farmer’s Markets. Since we have been married we’ve tried to attend farmer’s markets. It seems in the Midwest unlike say LA and much of the UK, Farmer’s Markets are a seasonal market with tents and the like. The Twin Cities have a long list of options for fresh produce markets. It is so nice to meet the people who grow the food offered. Mind you, some of the Farmer’s market has stuff shipped in, but our favorite is strict about the distance produce can be shipped to reach us. The same set of rules include locally owned food trucks and wares for sale as well. This limits the variety, but teaches us about seasonal produce in our adopted region. As mentioned before each market has food trucks selling hot food to eat immediately, this is nice when you want a bite to eat while you shop.

We had to stock up a bit seeing as our season is coming to an end. We do live in the Upper Midwest after all.  I made sure to get my favorite apple butter. C ensured some fresh set honey at one of the apple stands. My favorite leek guy was not there so smaller leeks this time around. We just could not get the leeks to grow in our garden this year. Bummer.


You might have noticed Fred the pumpkin. The great thing about pumpkins is if you keep it whole the squash lasts longer. The variety sold is greater than what we bought, but we bough enough to feed us. I also wanted to make sure I had that last bit of cilantro/coriander leaves. My cilantro went to seed ages ago.

In the afternoon, I really wanted to go window shopping. So after the dogs were walked and the produce put away like Tetris in our fridge and pantry, we went for a walk in a fun section of Minneapolis called St. Anthony Main. There were two places I was excited to visit – i like you and an architectural salvage store. There are so many places to eat and shop in this little area near the Mississippi River and the University of Minnesota. We happened upon an other gift shop we like called Bibelot. It has so much fun stuff. So many relatively older buildings and historical places are in this small area as well. For those who have never been there, there is a nice walking path with park along the river to enjoy after shopping and a bite at one of the restaurants.

A fun simple day. Bye for now.

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