Minnehaha Park


It is not hard to realize that Minnehaha Park is one of my favorites in this metropolitan area of wonderful parks. It gives me that same sense of calm that walking on the river path of the River Don in Sprotbrough, UK once gave me. There are several entrances to this park and we decided to walk towards Minnehaha Creek from the north into the small valley rather than via the steps.

Kid Willow wanted to play pooh sticks. When we approached the creek, it was heaving and rushing by. Sadly no pooh sticks this time. The creek was breaching its banks.

All the rain that created the flow of water also made for a very green stroll down the path with small wildflowers along the way. Kid Willow decided that collecting small rocks was great and we each tossed a little stone into the creek from a safe place.

All in all, this park is wonderfully different each time we visit. It is nice to be enveloped in nature in the middle of the city.

Bye for now.

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