Picnic and Playground

Lately we’ve been enjoying old haunts more than exploring new places. I had a huge desire to have a picnic in the park. Due to the season I knew that my favorite park in Minneapolis, Minnehaha Park, was our best bet. We weren’t the only ones with this idea it seemed. Sea Salt restaurant had a line going around the main pavilion. The rest of the large park was green due to a more rainy spring than I have seen in a while.

After our picnic, we walked to the falls and down a path to the small flower garden which was full of tulips. After indulging me on seeing the falls and the flowers, C took Baby Willow to the place Baby Willow really wanted to be – the playground.

We were only there a short time, but it was nice to revisit this park. It has many different entry points and each one will give the visitor a different feel.


Bye for now.

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