Clearwater Forest

So the Willow family attempted a weekend away from the Twin Cities a larger group. It has been a while and a good test to see how things would go. Thankfully the kiddos were asleep along the journey to the north of Lake Mille Lacs.

Just before our trip we had a little bit of snow. So the retreat center we visited had a thin coating of snow. It showed nicely in the evergreens and birch trees. The flock of wild turkeys running and the few white tail deer we saw was a good reminder of the fact that we were away from home. That and my lack of phone reception was noticeable.

Due to it being about 20F cooler than normal the past week we did not wander off too far. C and Kid Willow enjoyed walking around the woods while I stayed inside with Baby Willow.


The location was very pretty and the interior of the building in which we stayed reminded me of a few monasteries I visited while living in Los Angeles. This was even more apparent when the place was empty apart from the Willow family.

Bye for now.

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