Commemorative Air Force Minnesota Wing

I am one of those that believes that if you learn from the past, you might not repeat the same mistakes. Like millions around the world, WWII shaped my family dynamic in a direct manner. This is a time period as a whole I find incredibly fascinating so visiting a small museum inside of an airplane hanger like this one was exciting to me. An added bonus is the kiddos’ fascination with airplanes.

The visit page has a lovely interactive video. The display items as well as the airplanes have been moved about a bit since the video was made. The friendly volunteers were busy restoring a plane while we visited and more than helpful with us.

One volunteer even took the time to allow the kiddos into the cockpit of one of the planes. This is not something that is regularly done. The reaction of the kiddos varied, but I think just like seeing someone in a Santa costume for the first time seeing airplanes up close can be an overwhelming experience. I will not forget how kind they were with us and our quirks.

We did not see the shop when we visited. This place is free but is run on donations and a clear love of the planes. The artifacts were just as fascinating as the planes themselves for me. I believe Kid Willow liked the planes. Once Baby Willow clued into the fact that they were near airplanes, the tell-tell airplane noises were made along with some giggles. I will admit they liked the “tractor” like support vehicles for the museum. Maybe a farm trip in our future?

Bye for now.

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