Veterans Memorial Park

So when you pass by this Richfield park it looks like a typical park. It has a playground and a park building and some space for picnics. It also has a putt putt course that C and I played prior to when the little ones were with us. On a gamble I tried the back of the park with Baby Willow only to discover a hidden gem of nature. Clearly many in the area know about the wooded area of the park, but it was a delightful discovery for me.

We saw various turtles sunning themselves on the log, grey squirrels, red squirrels too fast for my camera, ducks, geese, dragonflies, other birds and the like.  It was not a large area of woods, but the two lakes were nice. Once was shallow and was more of a wetlands boardwalk surrounded by cattails and all. As much as I wanted to walk along the boardwalk, I stuck to the paved trail due to being with Baby Willow.

Truth be told, it totally changed my mood to slowly walk around the woods. Since it was a week day the paths were fairly empty, I could take the time to attempt sharing the natural world with Baby Willow. I will definitely make this a part of my regular rotation of parks.

Bye for now.

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