What a Weekend

We had a great weekend of activities, much more activities than even I expected. We started with a visit to a gorgeous 19th century Swedish mansion now called the American Swedish Institute and a good long walk with our two dogs, Spotty and Stripes. The mansion has some of the most beautiful woodwork inside and each room had a different feel. It felt much like going to a country manor house in the middle of the city.

We went to the free day at the Bell Museum of Natural History on the University of Minnesota Campus. It was fascinating to see all the native creatures of Minnesota and how things have changed. We saw beautiful birds, and the children’s see and do section was actually interesting. When we left, we headed straight for the Veteran’s Memorial Park in Richfield for a family event called The Pumpkin Patch. We love our Crowd Cut coupons and were able to enjoy: a hay ride, round of mini-golf (putt-putt), had a bunch of pumpkins to choose one from. We chose Fred, the pumpkin. It looks like a Fred. Afterwards we had a credit for a small treat. When we saw the Memorial, we walked over to it and took some time.

I was given the gift of a boat ride. We received a gift and were told to have some fun with it. So C booked a midday picnic riverboat cruise. It launches from Harriet Island in St. Paul. It is one of my favorite activities in the Twin Cities. The picnic part was a special plus as when I get to take a ride it is popcorn and soda. This is a peaceful trip down the river towards Pike Island, a part of Fort Snelling State Park. No eagles this time, but the trees are just starting to change colors.

Apple in orchard 1

Then to end the long weekend, we went to an apple orchard. We picked a peck (about 10 lbs) of liberty, concord and honey gold apples. We had a wagon ride to the rows of trees. There were so many trees. We could not leave without a small cup of freshly pressed apple cider. (Quick note: Apple cider is typically nonalcoholic in the US. Hard Cider is the equivalent to UK cider.) Refreshed from the cider, we drove to a small town and had a picnic in a park. We kicked the ball around and enjoyed a simple meal outside. All in all, a great weekend.

Bye for now.

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