Pahl’s Market


The Willow family have been working hard on our gardens now that the ground is thoroughly thawed. In fact the temperatures have been much higher than average. We reached 100F/37.7C on Memorial Day. One place we visited to help with our gardens is Pahl’s Market in Apple Valley. They were one of the very few places I could get alpine strawberry plants in the area. Kid Willow wanted a fairy garden and so to this enormous nursery we went.

Kid Willow was not sure they wanted to be at the nursery, but once inside the many green houses fun was to be had. The market even had a display playground to use so that others like Kid Willow could blow off steam. Baby Willow loved the different colors and textures of the plants. C and I liked being somewhere different.

It is so nice to have green grass and flowers in bloom after such a long winter.

Bye for now.

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