April Snow Showers …..

Well that is a misnomer. April was rough for the Blue Willow family. We were sick and we had two snow storms. One that was about 7 in/18 cm and the other about 16 in/41 cm. Kid Willow enjoyed playing in the snow and riding on the sled to the grocery store. However, the 16 in/41 cm storm lasted three days.

By Earth day it was beginning to warm up. Family came to visit and we had a lovely picnic and walk at Lake Hiawatha Park that was punctuated by a treat at Mel-O-Glaze bakery. It was great fun. It was also nice to see the ice beginning to melt. Lakes are finally declaring “ice out” which is when boats can fully navigate from one end to the other without obstruction.

It was a fast month of slower days. May has been kind and the flowers are blooming. Hopefully the garden beds we’re building will be completed soon.

Bye for now.

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