A Short Walk in South Minneapolis


C and I tend to like the unique vibe of south Minneapolis. This is why we go for walks in this area a bit more than some of the other areas in the Twin Cities. Sunday’s walk was still a bit chilly for us as the breeze was cool and the temperature was about 19F/-7C before the wind chill. Seeing as this was warmer than it has been in recent past a small walk was overdue.


We went to Everett’s Foods and Meats, a grocery store with an excellent full service meat counter. The gentlemen behind the counters are friendly and helpful in giving you as close to what you are needing as they can. The freezer section is also full of selections to purchase as well. The rest of the grocery store is small and I get the feeling that this store has been family owned for many decades. One of the cashiers knows about C’s love of English Football and keeps track of his team. Each time we visit he has a quick chat with C about how the match went. Everett’s is the only place to purchase my favorite candy bar, the Twin Bing, which is made in Iowa. These touches along with a great friendly and respectful service is why C and I like shopping at Everett’s.


Just around the corner is another south Minneapolis gem, The Candy Jar. This shop has only changed hands once in its long life. It is still locally owned. The chocolates are very good and the selection is good even for the diabetics. They also sell other candy/sweets along with greeting cards. So if you needed a wrapped box of chocolates and a card for a gift, this is a good place to go. I have enjoyed their chocolates very much, and would recommend the chocolate covered honeycomb.

During our walk we passed by a school with nice carved stonework. This school was renovated a couple years back and is a public/state middle school with an arts emphasis last I have heard. They kept the original exterior and I am glad for it. The little touches like these are not as common anymore as they are far too expensive in “man hours” these days.

It was a lovely walk without Spotty and Stripes. Spotty and Stripes still don’t do the best with chilly temperatures. That and the melted dirty ice puddles from the rock salt irritates their paws. All in all a lovely way to spend time together, a walk.


Bye for now.

3 thoughts on “A Short Walk in South Minneapolis

  1. a fascinating glimpse into your local life as always. It’s cool seeing the things you guys choose to photograph. And obvious as it sounds – it all looks so “american”. nice work

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