Como Park Carousel

Kid Willow and C were itching to go out and do something so we revisited Como Park. We first visited the zoo and then Kid Willow and C rode on the Carousel while I stayed back with Baby Willow.

Kid Willow loved the ride and was all smiles as they rode past on the Green Chariot seat. The Carousel has chariots and four rows of horses. It was a very early attraction at the MN State Fair for many years before being rescued from being dismantled and sold into parts in the 1980’s. Many of the horses still have their original paintwork.

I wanted to see this carousel in action since before Kid Willow was born. We usually visit the park when the building that shelters the carousel from the elements is locked up.

At $2 a ride I think this might be a regular part of our summers here in the Twin Cities for a while.

Bye for now.



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