Como Conservatory


It was a relatively warm and non eventful day weather wise and we took Baby Willow to Como Park in St. Paul. Inside Como Park is: a zoo, a theme park for little kids and a conservatory building with tropical and more southern plants inside. We visited the conservatory and the zoo area. It is important to remember that this conservatory and zoo are run by donations. If you are interested in the MN Zoo you would need to go to Apple Valley, MN where there is a fee. Como is free with a suggested donation.

I want to focus on the conservatory as I still love flowers and plants. The tropical rooms had birds and aquatic life. It is still strange to me to see plants in these types of buildings that were in front yards where I lived as a child. It was nice to see so many textures mixed together to create a whole garden.

It’s a nice break from the brown and white outside currently. It has been unseasonably warm over Christmas and we had rain instead of snow. Had we had snow it would have definitely been at least 6 in/15cm.

Bye for now.


3 thoughts on “Como Conservatory

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