History Center

Photos above were provided by family member with us on this trip.

Kid Willow’s love of trains is evident. It also happens that a few family members on both sides of the family have a love of trains too. So we set off with a couple of family members and visited Long Lake Regional Park in order to see the New Brighton History Center inside of the park.

The Center is an old train depot. There were several donated artifacts there about life many decades ago. However, the real reason we visited is that they have a refurbished Great Northern caboose from 1950 parked right outside of the center. They did a really nice job on fixing this old caboose. Kid Willow had a blast exploring the car.

After spending a good chunk of time at the center, we took a walk around the park to find a playground. Unfortunately many of the trails were not shaded and it was a warmer and humid day. Thankfully the concessions building was open and I was able to purchase water for everyone. Many park visitors enjoyed swimming in the lake. Kid Willow seemed to enjoy spending time with family at the park.


Our visitors mentioned several times how it was a lovely park and just right for the day. I would recommend bringing sun screen when you visit. Otherwise a great day with family at the park.

Bye for now.

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