Barn Bluff

So after more local stops we wanted to try another small journey with Kid and Baby Willow. We chose Redwing, MN. C was really excited to take a hike and Barn Bluff was the place. We went along. We walked along two of the paths from the trail head at the base of the bluff. This is definitely not a hike for a stroller so Baby Willow was in a carrier. In fact, I was a bit nervous as there were no guard rails on the bluff. The West view overlooking the town was beautiful. However, we did not go to the lookout points as the slopes were too steep for my comfort. Kid Willow noticed how small the buildings looked from the top, and noted that they looked like model rail sized houses. I think this is a hike for an older family and adults wearing sturdy shoes.

Bye for now.


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