Jackson Street Roundhouse

It’s been a busy few weeks here. Despite all that is occurring, we decided that some time in the beautiful weather was in order. C really wanted to take Baby Willow to Jackson Street Roundhouse.

Baby Willow loved every minute of being here: the train tables for playing, model trains, the old train cars to explore, the fifteen minute caboose ride and exploring the building in general. We were in luck as at the end of our time there was a long double decked freight train passing by the museum. There were nice historical displays for the adults to admire and a store for souvenirs. However, I fear that the first request that Baby Willow made after being in the museum for over an hour was to go to a favorite train shop mentioned before.

If you have a train enthusiast from toddlers to seniors in your house, it is well worth taking them. There is something for everyone here it seems.

Bye for now.

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