Choo Choo Bob’s

So it appears that in many young children the urge to love trains is apparent, much like dolls and bubbles. There is a small store in an old shopping block in St Paul, MN called Choo Choo Bob’s. It also has a locally produced television show that is very popular.I have heard about this place since before Baby Willow was born.

We made our first trip to the store with great success. I tried to avoid photographing little ones playing with train sets on different tables. There were model trains running as well. Baby Willow enjoyed their time immensely. It is likely we’ll return many times since there is no charge to play with the train sets. This (not so) hidden gem of a store was in fact a great find.

Bye for now.

* This store has recently had some remodeling done and C says it looks different. Also the shop part of the store has a different selection than before. Baby Willow still enjoys time at Choo Choo Bob’s. (2019 update)

** Due to the Covid 19 Pandemic Choo Choo Bob’s has closed operation. The kiddos are still disappointed about not being able to play at their train tables with other kids.

3 thoughts on “Choo Choo Bob’s

  1. wow – so many memories of afternoons in places like this watching model trains coming out of tunnels, crossing bridges and continents built on a shelf in a shop somewhere…

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