Train trip to Anoka, MN

I think it is clear that Baby Willow loves trains. So we took a small trip on the Northstar Commuter Train to have a new experience. Baby Willow loved the trip and watched with great interest as we saw large freight trains and freight yards as we passed. Whenever the train sounded Baby Willow’s face would light up. I enjoyed having the larger seats and the small table to have a quick packed lunch on our brief journey. It felt more like a commuter train ride in the UK than I have experienced in a while.

We took the Light Trail Train to Target Field and then boarded the Northstar. C selected a round trip to Anoka, MN due to the fact that the station was near a small main street/high street. It is a cute area but I think I was more surprised by how wide the Rum River (a tributary to the Mississippi River) was as we walked on a paved riverside path from near the train station to the main street/high street.

I think we would all like to take another journey and one day visit the Big Lake stop. As with most commuter situations, traveling on the weekend is the better option for a day trip with the family.

Bye for now.


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