Vittles Catering and Deli take away shop


A while ago there was a sign in a small store front that said that a deli was opening soon. After a long wait, we discovered that it was the same folks that run a popular food truck called Kabomelette. This food truck is one that C likes to buy from should we grab a bite during a farmer’s market trip. Our expectations were high for the small take away/take out place.

C and I agreed that I would try it at lunch time with Baby Willow as the hours don’t work well with our schedule during the week. I am glad I did. The owners are just as friendly and as helpful as they are at the farmer’s market as well as specifically make an effort to make something for many dietary needs. Each day has a different menu selection. When we arrived they were setting up for lunch after the breakfast run was over.

We ordered a meal and an extra protein to split. We ordered: two bean and chorizo sopes, a cucumber tomato salad and grilled vegetables. I was not disappointed and thoroughly enjoyed every bite. Baby Willow took time eating the food and still wouldn’t let me take the plate when lunch was over. This was a splurge for us, but well worth it.

Bye for now.

Update: Vittles is now closed for business. Sad day indeed.


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