Eagle’s Nest Indoor Playground

Although the temperature  has increased, walking around on possible black ice is not fun. We thought about it and decided to take Baby Willow to Eagle’s Nest to blow off some steam.

This is a very popular indoor playground in the Twin Cities. They have a toddler section 18 months to 3 years. The other section is 4 to 12 years in age. It was nice that the partitions were clear and interaction was very much limited so the toddlers could play. It was massive and very colorful. I would suggest wearing layers as it was warm with all the activity. It was a bustling place. I was grateful that C and Baby Willow joined me in the library down the hall to recuperate and read.

We knew it would be busy, but when we arrived it was heaving with kids and their adults. It shows how popular this well thought out playground is. If I were a kid, this would have been a blast.

Please note that the photos don’t do the scale of this location justice. I also had very few chances to take photos without faces in them while getting a few shots of Baby Willow. A grand majority of the space was filled with kids in one section or another like a flock of birds moving around in the blob formation in the sky. On the day we visited there were 12 birthday parties in progress.

Bye for now.


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