Richardson’s Nature Center


C has been wanting to go to this place for some time. After frigid temperatures here and there, we were ready for an outing. We’ve had a few very warm spells that have melted much of the snow, but refreeze still happens when the sun sets. With this in mind, C asked ahead about the trails to ensure that there was a trail that was not icy. (We have discovered many places with icy trails recently.)

First, we went into the center and were greeted with a kid friendly area that is full of learning experience through play. There was a hawk and a kestrel in the center as well. They were there for either rehabilitation or due to circumstance could not be released into the wild. There were several viewing rooms to watch birds feed as well.

After time in the center, we all headed for the purple trail. As promised, it was free of ice and the landscape was quiet. Baby Willow loved the freedom to “run” a bit on the trail with C right there. It was still somewhat chilly so we did not complete the trail. There are many areas we would like to try and explore in this park system. (The nature center is inside of the park.) Still a nice bit of time in the fresh air.

Bye for now.

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