Oakdale Nature Preserve

We went to Oakdale Nature Preserve for a small walk. It seems to be a nice quiet place for people to walk. They have multiple options for trails. We chose the paved path. The green path which is grass is supposed to be frequented by deer.

On the paved Orange path we saw squirrels, birds and dragonflies. There were many dragonflies that were not as used to humans as the ones at the Mississippi River headwaters. We also saw many small wildflowers, ferns and a few planted wild rose looking plants.

Although the Nature Reserve is not massive, it was a great walk in the woods. The boardwalk was blocked off, and I am sad that I was not able to see the waterlilies up close. It was nice to hear the birds chirp and find a small playground for Baby Willow.

We were too late for the Discovery Center, but it looks interesting. However, it was cool that they preserved an old one room school house. The peonies were still in bloom and suited the old school house beautifully.

Bye for now.

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