Chilly afternoon in Hopkins

hopkinsJanuary has been a bit chilly up here in the Midwest. In fact, the Twin Cities has been well below average temperatures for over a month now. That being said, Minnesotans seem to get on with it anyway. This afternoon will be considered a relatively warm one by the end of the week at 11F with a wind chill of -8F.

So in an effort to enjoy the day we went to Hopkins, MN, a place we used to frequent when we first moved in the area. It is a developed town that has become a suburb of Minneapolis over time. It has a main street that is spelled Mainstreet. On this street are antique shops, boutiques, restaurants, and the like. There is even a second showing cinema where it is $3 per ticket which makes it worth waiting. The restaurants are a mixture of chains and family run eateries. There is an arts building with a small gallery, a theater stage, and some times classes. Many of the more public/government style buildings like: the library, post office, and police station are right off Mainstreet by a few blocks. I would not worry about how much it will cost to park as there is a free parking ramp next to the cinema for everyone to use.

It is well worth an afternoon’s  visit. I would recommend visiting when it is a bit warmer.

Bye for now.

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