Riverview Theater

Well C and I had some time to venture out in the thawing tundra that is the Twin Cities. There is still plenty of hidden smooth ice on sidewalks and streets, so a walk can be iffy. So we went to my favorite movie theater in the area. We watched a movie that was different, or in other words a bit difficult for me to watch. However the experience of watching a movie with a nearly full theater was really nice. Having a popcorn and soda to split with C like we did ages ago, was fun too. Seeing the movie from near the top of the stadium seating was new for me, but we were one of the last to join the crowd for the film.


The Riverview Theater is an older neighborhood one screen movie theater. Their first show was in 1948. The lobby is still decorated as if it were mid-century of last century. It has the quirkiness that one would hope for a non corporate business. The snack bar has sodas/pops/Cokes, popcorn made with butter not a weird castor oil looking sauce, candy, etc. The restrooms still really do have a room with chairs to rest connected to the toilet area. The customers know that this is yet another gem and will carry their empty popcorn buckets and soda cups to the garbage/rubbish bin. The catch is that it is a second showing/screening theater which means it has older movies and the selection changes once a week. The great thing is that it costs $2 for each adult ticket. So A cheap date overall.


If you are still in the mood to do more after you are finished with the movie there are a couple of options. If you are big on gardening, Mother Earth Gardens is another of my favorite locations. It is an organic plant nursery that have helpful staff and affordable prices considering. If you are in the mood for a glass of wine or say a cup of coffee or tea then The Riverview Cafe and the Riverview Wine Bar are just across the street. The Riverview Cafe has a nice quinoa salad and other offerings.


We really enjoyed our time.

Bye for now.

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