Walks and Pubs


The Twin Cities are beginning to chill for the new season ahead. Leaves are falling and some flowers are beginning to fade. The first hard freeze and the final harvesting of less than hardy crops had to happen. Some how our marigolds are defiant in their stance against the new chill in the air.

midtown greenway

Another change occurring is more people doing indoor activities. With it being rainy and damp, even fewer people were outside than if it were bright and sunny. C and I love to walk; so the Midtown Greenway was our walk of choice this weekend. With fewer people out, there would be more space for us to enjoy. We walked the dogs down the greenway on the pedestrian bit of the bike path. A part of this path has a pretty suspension bridge over a multiple lane avenue/dual carriageway from which there is a good view of Downtown/city center of Minneapolis.

cityscape mpls oct 2013

We also went to one of our favorite pubs, Merlins Rest, this weekend. They have good food and nice servers. The atmosphere is great for a meal and a chat with friends. There are several British owned and themed pubs in the Twin Cities, but this one has a cozy feel to it. We were introduced to this place three years ago, and it still is just as friendly as back then. Then again, if you are downtown, I’d give Brit’s Pub a try. It is a huge maze of a pub with a lawn bowling green on the roof. There are also rooms that are great for viewing football matches with a crowd.

changing leaves oct 13

This weekend was great for taking it easy. It is good for a book, a blanket and a hot cocoa.

Bye for now.

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