Richfield Lake


There are so many lakes in Minnesota. In fact the state motto is “the land of 10,000 lakes.” For a body of water to be considered a lake in the state of Minnesota it has to be at least ten acres in size. So imagine how many ponds there are as well. Due to the massive number of lakes, Minnesota boasts more coastline than any other state in the continental United States.

With that being said there are many lakes for C and I to discover in the Twin Cities metropolitan area alone. On a whim we drove to Richfield Lake with Spotty and Stripes, our dogs, to see what we could find. To be fair we wanted to go to another lake, but pets were not allowed. Hopefully C and I will explore that lake one day. So Richfield Lake it is. It is a bit on the small size with a mile walking trail, but the trial was tree and cattail lined and a flock of geese were hanging out the afternoon/evening we visited.

richfield geese 1

I think it is a small hidden gem for those who want to take a quick walk off the tourist trap beaten path. It is worth an hour of your time.

good night lake

Bye for now.

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