Mississippi River and a Saturday afternoon

ms.river.panoramaSANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

The weathermen stated this weekend was going to be the best for “peak” color in the trees; so C and I drove to near the river for a long walk with our dogs. Many people discuss the place where they find harmony. Well, truth be told, one of mine is on a path along running water surrounded by trees. The other is on a sandy beach that is connected to a large body of water such as an ocean, not a lake. Since we are landlocked, rivers will do for now.

Due to two busy weekends, we enjoyed a low key afternoon. With apples, water and dog bags in hand, we went for a decently long walk. The colors on both sides of the river were stunning. Friday’s strong winds of 50 MPH blew the leaves off several trees, and I was worried about the lack of “fall color” for our afternoon walk. Thankfully, the worries were not completely justified. Although, we were wise to wear a jacket or a fleece and knit hat to protect us from the chilly wind and mist during the day. It truly felt like a “fall” day.

The photos are from several different points along the Mississippi River on Saturday. Little inlets, stairs on pathways, bridges and of course colorful leaves were all beautiful or interesting. I hope you enjoy the photos as much as we enjoyed discovering new sections of the Mississippi River.

Bye for now.

bye for now

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