Copeland Park Train Display

Although we had a great visit to Lansing, IA before we left, I wanted to share this beforehand. I do this as I would hope that more parks would put signs up by the displays for those interested in why items like sculptures – and yes – trains are displayed in the public spaces. I did not know any information until I returned home.

On our way home we had a picnic in Copeland Park in La Crosse, WI. This was not a planned trip to the park, but it was a nice park with a train display. I wanted to see the train. Odd, as I am not the train person in this family. I am glad I visited as all parts of this display are genuinely historical. If you are in La Crosse, this park is a good place for a simple picnic. The train is by the bathrooms/toilets which is on the other side of the park away from the ballpark .

Bye for now.

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