Lansing, IA viewpoints

So we did not stay in Lansing long, but it is a cute town that meets the needs. Our goal was to look at the view of the Mississippi River. We visited the Driftless Area Visitor Center in Lansing. It happened to be their fifth anniversary and they were preparing for an event. Inside the building was clean and packed with information. They were extremely helpful and curious. I enjoyed standing on the balcony looking at the river. As I did, a blue heron flew by over the river.

Later upon suggestion, we drove over Mt. Hosmer. The road was full of hair pin turns. However the view was worth it. Thankfully there was a small playground for young children and a bathroom. Baby Willow used it before checking out the sublime view of the river and the islands in the river. It is well worth the drive up.

When driving back to where we were staying, I could see a tiny but well equipped town. One where the population knew each other and had time to chat. I discovered this when stopping in their grocery store for family refreshments. This is a good town for those that love to be along the river.

Bye for now.

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