Lebanon Hills Regional Park

It appears that I forgot to post this one. So with the greening of the grass on a cool spring week, I thought it was better late than never.

So although we don’t have as many pictures, this park is a treasure trove of great views. We visited on the last blast of warmer weather for the year last fall. There were several trails to explore and smaller lakes to enjoy. Even after all the rain in the recent months it was clear that we were still 6 inches behind for precipitation for the year as the lakes were still low and creek beds were still dry when we visited.

It is clear that this is a popular spot with full parking lots, but the regional park is large enough that there was plenty of space to explore. The kiddos were vocal so no wildlife showed up for us. Despite the noise there was a very vocal, but photo shy bluejay in return.

The lakes appear to be smaller glacier lakes/kettle lakes. They were nice to see. There was even one point where Baby Willow stopped to look at one of the lakes. I decided to take a picture from their point of view. They seemed very pleased that this memory was taken. Was it the most colorful shot? No. But seeing your child enjoy the view rather than ask for food or some other complaint is worth remembering.

This is a cool park. I think we’ll have to tackle this one again on a more energetic day. Even though it’s popular, there seems to be space enough for distancing.

Bye for now.

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