Smith Park

There are days when you just want to go to a small park and have a picnic so Baby Willow and I had a picnic at Smith Park in Bloomington, MN. Baby Willow was really excited about the playground and had to be reminded to eat their meal before playtime.

Afterwards Baby Willow was really patient with me trying to show the birds, flowers, fish and the like. One thing I want to note; please don’t drop your unwanted goldfish in ponds and lakes. They will change the habitat of that body of water and are a serious problem. Though I’ll admit promising to climb the random hill in the middle of the park and another round of playground time helped with this patience. I was disappointed to see that the Blue Heron and Egret weren’t fishing this time. However seeing the muskrat was cool for both of us. Baby Willow did point out that some of the flowers in the restoration area were in our garden. So I suppose they are paying attention.

It was a nice afternoon for Mommy and Me time I suppose.

Bye for now.

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