Thomas Lake Park

These days for us to visit a park there needs to be some form of playground and a shorter walk in nature. Lakes are a bonus. So we’ve been more focused on city parks as of late. Thomas Lake Park fit the bill and even had an adjacent park with a larger playground than the one in this park. Since there were so many kiddos enjoying the playground so I did not take photos.

I really enjoy city parks as they tend to be less busy. The lake was still thawing and water fowl were either resting on the ice (geese) or swimming in the chilly water (ducks) while we were there. The tree nesting birds sang but were shy. The squirrels even were more shy than those in parks in Minneapolis or St. Paul.

It was clear that the locals to this area knew of Thomas Lake Park and chose to visit here as opposed to Lebanon Hills Regional Park only a few miles away. This and the paved trail easy for those needing a stroller or wheel chair is a small gem of a park. I’m so glad we also discovered it.

By for now.

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