Langton Lake Park

Now that we’ve had our first hard freeze of the season, I know this is late. However, I still want to share a few older posts with you about low key places that we’ve enjoyed in the last few months. The other older posts will be published soon.

This summer has shown itself to be much like last summer in that we stayed low key and away from larger crowds if possible. The drought was at severe levels towards the end of August, and we’re still in a moderate drought here in the Twin Cities area even after some decent rainfall. It was during the severe drought period when C and I wanted a short walk around a fairly local lake with the kiddos.

We chose Langton Lake in Roseville, MN. I am so glad we did as the short walk around the southern tip of the lake as it was a great break from the day to day chores and errands. From the milkweed and wild raspberries to the catfish and muskrat feeding on snails, there was plenty of wildlife to see. I personally loved the turtles basking in the sun whereas the boys have grown to love the different insects. Then again, water lilies are enjoyment every time I see them in nature.

The bridges and old fixtures seem the same as the last time we visited as a family of three just with taller vegetation. I suppose one improvement is that both kiddos were able to fully enjoy the quiet playground on the east side of the park. Kid Willow was too young last time but definitely not this year.

I am so glad that we took this break in our day to “get some air.” If you are in the area on a quiet day it would be good for a short and flat walk with a picnic. When we went the drought was in severe level so not as bothered by bugs as we would have been otherwise, so bring bug spray just in case for more normal years.

Bye for now.

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