Pike Island

Although we had a recent heat wave by Minnesota measures we ventured out to have a walk on Pike Island at C’s suggestion. The peace of a sunny sky and lack of major crowds was a good start for us to venture out again which lead to more nature sightings for my rambunctious kiddos.

We arrived to Fort Snelling State Park at the fort parking lot entrance that was under construction. The trees and forest really begins down the path and stairs. Once we crossed the bridge we saw a misleading beaver dam along the edge of the river bank. My suspicions were confirmed by the beaver chews nearby and that a beaver very briefly showed themselves in the water. Unfortunately the beaver and other animals on our walk were too quick for us.

The shaded path enabled us to see the river as well as the animals great and small. While on the river bank Kid Willow saw a bald eagle fishing. Baby Willow and C saw a great Mourning Cloak Butterfly caterpillar on the path. The downy woodpecker was one of the few animals that did not seem to flee when seeing us.

As much as I liked the various animals including the doe and weirdly large pink inch style worm, it was great to be surrounded by trees and in the shade. Unlike the lawns in our neighborhood, the trees and undergrowth were a lovely shade of green.

This was a nice way to dip our toes back into larger adventures.

Bye for now.

2 thoughts on “Pike Island

  1. that’s so exciting to see signs of the beavers! First baby beaver born in the uk for 400 years last week which is pretty cool 🙂 looks like a great trip

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