Langton Lake Park


Well it is amazing what a bit of rain will do. When it finally cleared a bit, we ran errands and thought a nice time around a new park would do us some good. Baby Willow was not impressed that the playgrounds were wet and for older children. We all enjoyed the walk though.

The redwing blackbirds, robins, and other birds were singing in the young lake side willows and older trees. The geese held fort by the lake. The grass and trees were beginning to green beautifully. Although it was damp, the green seemed brighter against the wet tree trunks.

We also happened upon a small pile of rocks. We later discovered after researching the heritage trail website that this was the ruins of an old smokehouse for preserving meat.

This is a gem of a park for Roseville, MN. Due to the path being quiet, we could thoroughly enjoy the: bird songs, the trees, the gentle ripples in the water, the massive weeping willows and the dock on the lake.

Bye for now.

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