In Review

We’ve had a slow but very busy time since my last post. In this time we have completed those projects we were excited about and those we’ve been avoiding. My garden was expanded. Kid Willow has been distance learning and Baby Willow has been joyously loving the outside with little regard to the weather. There have been hard family discussions and great fits of exuberant laughter. The kiddos have grown considerably since last spring and it really shows in comparing photos. The new tradition of Family Movie Night is one I think we’ll keep. I will admit to looking forward to the warmer weather that late spring brings, but for now making snowmen and snow angels in the back yard/garden will do.

Like many families sticking around their homes/apartments/etc we found plenty to do and kept busy. I am grateful to have my garden as it helped reduce trips to the grocery store during the growing season and became a personal quiet place. C took on the kiddos so that I could have that time in the garden without their “help” on lively days. The “help” was nice at times while they enthusiastically “tended” their own veg bed. The greatest gardening benefit was a place to be quiet with the: bees, ladybugs/ladybirds, butterflies, dragonflies, and birds (my coworkers in the gardens) to think while weeding. There has been a lot to take in and evaluate over the year.

During a low point in the infections rate here in MN, we took a small walking trip to a non tourist trap, Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge Long Meadow Lake Unit, in order to have some time away at a place with low foot traffic. Although the kiddos were a bit bonkers, they enjoyed seeing the trees and the turtle. C and I really were happy to see the egret. I however will admit that I could relate to the small sparrow that was holding its ground against the wind. (I’m a sucker for sparrows.) There were a few four leaf clovers along the walking path which I left for others to find.

I’m looking forward to taking walks like this again once things get considerably better. Until things warm up for longer outdoor recreation, we’ll likely keep to a slower pace. It feels as if the old adage of slow and steady works for us right now. We’ll stick with the cliche of baking, gardening, movie nights, doing STEM projects, art projects, distance learning and of course a serious block of Lego time. I will update if something cool or special comes happens.

Bye for now.

3 thoughts on “In Review

    • Thanks. This was an assignment for fun from Kid Willow’s teacher. The idea to do many ice balls was Kid Willow’s idea as was the idea to put them around a tree. The long lasting ice balls were a cheerful winter decoration and enjoyed until they finally melted away.

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