Life at Home Right Now


We as a family have been low key for understandable reasons, which means we’re not taking mini adventures right now. We are however making the best of things with distance learning and home based activities. I am anticipating expanding my flower and produce garden beds. Kid Willow is adjusting to their new educational situation. Baby Willow is enjoying digging in the dirt.

I suppose we are much like this small bunch of voluntary crocuses. They bloom every year as long as we’ve lived in our house. In fact, I look forward to seeing them every late winter/early spring as they are my first blooms of the year. It is in a weird spot, but seems to thrive despite a placement that should not be ideal. I am hoping that we are able to thrive in a situation that is not ideal by making the best of it. I might have a few posts that are not in public places that I want to share if this continues to be our situation long term.

I hope, like the flowers, you are able to make the best of an awkward situation. That some moments of pure joy happens in the midst of it all. It has not been easy here, but I want to continue to make this space a positive place without complaints. This means I will try to find good moments for us to share along the way.

Bye for now.

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