SpringBrook Nature Center


We went to this nature center as it was in the area and not so large that the kiddos would struggle. Longer walks these days don’t go over as well as in the past. Kid Willow has shown major improvements in enjoying the world around rather than being loud which enabled us to watch the redheaded wood pecker and a few other small creatures.

Seeing as it has been damp we walked carefully on the boardwalks and some of the leaf lined paths. Our smaller stroller was able to navigate the paths as well which is not a small consideration for us. The damp weather limited our time in the outdoor natural playground. It looks like great fun for a drier day.

Although we did not see any small garter snakes or beavers, we did see a few shy birds and a few squirrels. The animals seemed to love the old oak forest as well as the newer forest of different deciduous trees that has grown since the 1986 tornado.

We went back to the interpretive center. The sensory play activities for children were loved by all the kids I saw in the room. My favorite part was the observation window where we saw: chickadees, sparrows, woodpeckers, squirrels hanging upside down eating from bird feeders, and wild turkeys. A great ending to an enjoyable afternoon walk.

Bye for now.


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