Zoran’s Sculpture Park

Before the snow hit we were able to check out an off the beaten path sculpture park that really seems to be an open air sculpture studio. The little I knew prior to visiting warned of it looking like a pile of boulders in grass. This much is true. It is also a small patch of grass in-between a city park and what appears to be an artist loft building.

The artist, Zoran Mojsilov,  has pieces in various different areas, but one piece that was in Franconia Sculpture Park appears to have returned to the “studio.” His work is interesting. And the more I read the more interesting it seems. His work uses stone from older buildings and structures that have been demolished. One example mentioned was the Metropolitan building.

This is not a place to stay too long. If you want to spend time and have a picnic I would recommend a stop across the street at Sheridan’s Memorial Park.

Bye for now.


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