Lakefront Park Hudson, WI

C and I explored Hudson, WI recently. To our surprise this smaller town was very active both Saturday and Sunday. After enjoying the downtown/city center shopping district we took a walk and had a mini picnic at Lakefront Park. This is along a wider and more still section of the St Croix River. It had swimming areas and other aspects of a popular park. C and I enjoyed having a walk and talk along the paved path while others along the way were playing: soccer/football, volleyball and games while others were having picnics and parties. Seeing the hammocks reminded C how much they missed their hammock.

However we went along what appears to be a pier developed over the base of an old train track over the river. It ended on a small island with a sandy beach. There were various sized boats docked and out on the water. I even found Nemo.

Being on the pier and at the park was a great part of our time in Hudson. As we saw while there, the lake is a great low key place for families and even dates.

Bye for now.


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