Willow River State Park


C and I were able to take a small trip to Hudson, WI. One place we were excited to visit was Willow River State Park. I really wanted to see the waterfalls, but was just as impressed by the rest of the park. It is known for the spectacular waterfalls, but it’s well worth your time to go beyond this point. We hiked the hilly trail with both paved and unpaved trails. We climbed several stairs to see the overlook. It was a bit disconcerting for me to look down to see the birds flying over the falls. C however took their time.

After we left the thundering falls, we explored the park. The range of landscapes surprised me. We started off in a forested area and walked in a prairie area and along the river overlook. It was a great walking hike for us. I enjoyed the walk with a quiet conversation and watching the different animals from butterflies and dragonflies to nervous wood thrushes and mourning doves.

All in all we absolutely enjoyed our day in the park. Seeing the campsites was educational as well.

By for now.

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