Peavey Plaza


A friend and I took the Willow kids to downtown/city center via the Light Rail Train to spend the afternoon. We had the quick visit to Trader Joe’s for a few extra snacks like Baby Willow’s loved freeze dried blueberries and Kid Willow’s loved lentil curls. We had a quick picnic lunch at Mills Ruins Park. Kid Willow earned a junior ranger badge at the Upper St. Anthony Falls Lock and Dam. It was then time to arrive at our destination, the newly restored Peavey Plaza. I was pleasantly surprised.

Kid Willow had an absolute blast on the splash area where the water doesn’t get more than about a cm thick. However Kid Willow could still make decent splashes. A young gentleman was doing his thing gracefully dancing in the water. The wide ramp for wheelchairs made it easier for me to push a sleeping Baby Willow in a stroller down to the splash pad. I was grateful for a public bathroom/toilets on site. I would say looking at the number of people there, it is a great lunch spot for those working within a few blocks of the plaza.

I think this place is worth a visit. A nice back drop for a bit of time either to yourself or with a couple of friends over lunch.


Bye for now.

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