Harriet Alexander Nature Center

We decided to visit Harriet Nature Center and I’m so glad we did this early in the year. Although I am quite sure it is absolutely stunning in the late spring through fall seasons, enjoying a walk on a boardwalk over marshy wetlands without needing bug spray is a beautiful thing. That and sometimes the variations in neutrals like brown can be comforting.

The kiddos loved the interactive stations in the small center. Kid Willow loved the fact that they made a scavenger hunt for the walk outside. Again, this is much more geared towards warmer weather.

There are many taxidermy displays of native animals. This is just a warning for those sensitive to such things. However, Kid Willow did ask many questions about the animals and seemed to actually learn from the answers.

The walk was fairly quiet. I was relieved that we could use our stroller for Baby Willow. There were several birds from the bold red wing blackbird to more shy birds that flew away as soon as I spotted them. Otherwise the only noise was the rustling vegetation as the breezes went by and Kid Willow’s keen interest to say hello to the geese

Bye for now

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