Mills City Museum

It has been quite some time since C and I last visited this museum. It has an award winning exhibit, the Flour Tour, in which you ride on a stadium seating style elevator/lift and alternate between floors for a different era in the history of the mill that the museum now occupies. It is a loud exhibit so anyone sensitive to loud noises and being in an elevator should probably not see this exhibit. If you are able, it is very good and informative.

In the basement floor there is a balance of informative and interactive displays. There are also a few advanced water tables for children and those young at heart. The water tables show how the river water was used to create energy for the mills. Kid Willow loved the interactive displays on this floor especially the water tables, design your own cereal box and the train/truck table.


For a bit Kid Willow and I went to the 8th floor/7th floor (non US) to the lookout and saw the St Anthony Falls rushing from the rapid ice melt. We spoke with the attendant there and they confirmed that the stone arch bridge does need 6 million US dollars in point tucking the mortar to be fully restored. The Stone Arch Bridge is still safe to walk on, but hopefully funding will come through so we can enjoy the bridge for decades to come. They also told us about how the Pillsbury Grain Mill across the river is the only Red Brick Grain Mill ever built. The builders discovered that it although it was high quality it was too expensive. Shortly after it was built, poured cement became the grain mill standard.


This is a place that has something for the whole family, and if you are in the mood there is a new cafe. There is now another business in this cafe location since we last visited, but it looks nice.

Bye for now.

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