May Day Parade


C and I have not been to a May Day parade since before the kiddos are born. However, a close neighbor of ours was a participant and therefore we braved the crowds for the 45th annual and possibly final May Day parade in Minneapolis. Seeing as we were with young kids we did not stay the whole parade and did not go to the massive celebration in Powderhorn Park where they gave out over a 1000 tree saplings for people to plant.


I really enjoyed the different groups that participated in the parade. There is usually a mix of volunteer puppeteers, small bands, unique bicycles, indigenous groups, and a ton of hippie vibes. It takes a long time for those at the Heart of the Beast Theater to set everything up each year. The puppets are made new every year and I’m amazed at the results.


It would be a shame if this is the last year. It is a beloved tradition by those young and old.

Bye for now.


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