Record breaking Snow


On Wednesday we had 8.9 inches/22.6cm of snow. As of Wednesday evening the Twin Cities has had 31.5 inches/80cm of snow for the month of February. This is the most snow for the month of February on record. We have about 10 inches/25.4cm to go before topping the all time record for amount of snow fall in a single month. We are due more snow in the next week so we’ll see.


With this, I decided to take the kiddos on a walk to see how the snow stacked up. Many streets and sidewalks had not been cleared so it was not always the easiest time. The fun in the snow made up for it. A hot cocoa C made Kid Willow afterwards didn’t hurt their memory of the afternoon either.

As usual, by Thursday morning everything was back to normal. Minnesotans seem to take snow in stride.

Bye for now.

  • Update* The Twin Cities received 39in/99cm of snow for the month of February. This means that February 2019 was the 4th snowiest month on record for the twin cities. Irony is that 2-4in/5-10cm forecast for March 1st.

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