Snow Sculpture Contest

For the past 133 years St Paul has held a Winter Carnival to celebrate the season that seems to define this area. Truth be told it started as a bit of a two fingers to New York journalists saying that St Paul was unfit for human habitation in the winter. This highly popular two weeks event has ebbed and flowed in popularity and size over the century.

C took the kiddos for one of the smaller events. They went to the MN State Fairgrounds to see the snow sculpture competition. C absolutely loved the various sculptures. Kid Willow was mostly fascinated by the man made hill for the sleds/sledges. It’s a shame I needed to volunteer elsewhere. Maybe I can see the sculptures next year.


Bye for now.

2 thoughts on “Snow Sculpture Contest

    • I believe the snow sculptures are made by both professionals and amateurs. I also believe the ice castle and ice sculptures made in another area of the carnival are professional. I’ll tell C you like the photos. Thanks.

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