Walker Sculpture Garden

The Willow family has not been to this famous tourist attraction in a few years and waited a while after they renovated the entire area. We explored the garden with some acquaintances and enjoyed some time together in the garden. Kid Willow enjoyed exploring the garden quicker than the rest of us. Baby Willow loved the interactive pieces such as Double Curve and Five Plates, Two Poles. Some sculptures were taken away and some added – most famously the massive “blue rooster” sculpture called Hahn/Cock.

It was interesting to see the changes, most specifically the garden without the massive hedges and the addition of prairie grasses much like Franconia Sculpture Garden.

Although this is a bit of a tourist trap, it is still a place well worth visiting. I am glad we waited until fall to revisit. The yellow leaves rustling in the breeze and the three sparrows that flew up on a young tree nearby added to the experience.

Bye for now.

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