Monticello, MN

We had an urge to take a day drip out of the Twin Cities. Due to wanting something that was fairly easy to reach, Monticello seemed like a great option. We tend to avoid the big box shops and like to see what the old downtown/city center is like, find a park for a picnic with the prerequisite playground for Kid Willow, along with a nature trail. This small town seemed to have all of these needs.

We enjoyed a picnic in West Bridge Park. The playground unfortunately was a bit too old for Kid Willow, but the swings were a hit. The tiny walk along the river was really nice.

When we reached the other side of the bridge there was East Bridge Park with lovely gardens all along the side of the path. This park even decorated their portable facility with flowers. It was a surprising sight.

We then walked along a quiet downtown. This town like many others in MN appear to be full of closed shops for Sunday. I can imagine how busy it might get during the week.

A lovely day trip for the Willow family. Bye for now.

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